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Our motto
“Make it simple and smarter – not complicated”
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Single Stream MRF
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Glass Optical Sorting
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Ideal Partner in Recycling System

Successful recycling starts with integrating a variety of resource practices

Who We Are

HOTECH (Hotech Industrial Services Pty Ltd) was established to simplify the increasing complex world of recycling. With highly specialized experience in Material Recovery Facility Sorting (MRF), for Plastics, Glass, Steel, Aluminium and paper recycling, HOTECH were formed to reduce costs and complexity.

Market research has shown that global trends are making the recycling industry cost prohibitive without reason.

Our motto “Make it simple and smarter – not complicated” has allowed us to grow to be a market leader. As a trusted partner, we take a consultative approach to provide specific solutions that demonstrate our experience for specialized requirements.

HOTECH provides assurance that equipment, systems and services are easy to assemble, operate and maintain with high reliability for the long term.

Hotech Who We Are
Hotech Who We Are

Our Services

HOTECH has simplified designing/building in Separation Technology for Material Recovery Facilities, Plastic Sorting Facilities, Mix Paper Sorting Facilities and Glass Colour Sorting Facilities.

HOTECH provides a complete solution approach with services covering all aspects of commissioning to ongoing maintenance servicing and breakdowns.

Along with a high standard of work, we provide ongoing technical and maintenance support.

What We Do

We can design and manufacture to suit…

How many tonnes of Fully Commingle recyclable

you want to process per hour..

How many tonnes of commingle recyclable

you want to process per hour..

How many tonnes of mix paper

you want to process per hour..

How many tonnes of mix plastic

you want to process per hour..

Our Target

is helping Customers with their budget to achieve, design and building an efficient simple, effective recycling sorting plant.


to uncover how we can help your business be more profitable

If you are looking for a partner who can provide state of the art, turn-key solution for your material recovery system, talk to us first and let us help you.