We has already supplied a large number of brand new scrap shears; scrap balers and scrap shredder to our customers throughout the world

Bailing Equipment

Paper / Cardboard Baler

Plastic Baler

Steel Cans Baler

Aluminium Cans Baler

Screening Equipment

Ballistic Separator
Paper Screen
OCC Screen
Glass Metal Screen
Plastic Debaler

Conveyor System

Heavy Steel Chain Conveyor
Rubber Belt Conveyor
Conveyor Support Structure

Plastic Recycling Equipment

HDPE/PP Washing Plant
PET Washing Plant

Granulating Equipment

Shredding and Granulating System

Optical Equipment

RedWave Optical Sorter
Tomra Optical Sorter

Extrusion Equipment

Extruders 180
Extruders 150
Extruders 130

Other Equipment

Washing and Floating Tank
Steel Bunker Wall

Spare Parts

At present HOTECH INDUSTRIAL SERVICES have a thousands stocked line items

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The Spare parts team of Our Engineers are available to discuss customer's requirements in great detail for all of the machines produced by HOTECH