Hotech Solutions

We provide State-of-The-Art, Turn-Key Solution for your material recovery system

Design and Drawing Services

HOTECH Industrial Services can do detailed plant designs to fit into client existing applications, or work with customers to develop completely new green field installations.

 2D plant layout, 3D modelling and detail design

MRF - Material Recovery Facilities

HOTECH Industrial Services specializes in many different types of material recovery facilities and MRF equipment for the waste and recycling industry…

Single Stream Recycling, Dual Stream Recycling….

Plastic Optical Sorting

We provide sorting and cleaning solutions, such as plastic optical sorting by grade and color, magnets to remove ferrous and non-ferrous particles, and fine screens.

Shredders | Granulators |  Cleaners | Balers

Glass Sorting Recycling

For the removal of contaminants from glass cullet, HOTECH provides the glass sorting system for glass recycling applications; it’s turn-key solution and can be used for average particle sizes.

Simplify the recycling process

Single Stream Recycling

HOTECH engineers and manufactures superior sorting equipment and systems to automatically separate your commingled recyclables into the most marketable end-products.

accurate separation and minimal residue costs